Janet Fang

reporter in the fieldHello! I’m a freelance science journalist living in New York with my ball python, Agamemnon Fang. I spent the last few years as a marine geochemist by day, contributing editor for CBS SmartPlanet at night. Before that, I was a news intern for Nature in Washington, D.C., an editorial intern at Discover in New York, and a reporter for the infamous Point Reyes Light in West Marin, California.

In 2008, I graduated from the Earth & Environmental Science and Journalism dual-master’s program at Columbia University. I conducted my Earth Science master’s research on, broadly speaking, Climate Change and Human Evolution at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, where I used geochemical analyses to understand paleoclimatic changes in the  equatorial Atlantic Ocean. And for my Journalism master’s project — “Salamander Eggs and Hyena Phalluses” — I narrated the discoveries of two novel life histories (or biological oddities). At the University of California, Berkeley, I studied Integrative Biology (evolution and natural history) and English literature (19th-20th century novel and experimental fiction). I spent a couple years at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology as a georeferencer, a curatorial/field/research/lab assistant, and I skinned and stuffed birds and rodents. (You can also find my immortalized birds at the American Museum of Natural History, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, and Yale Peabody Museum.)

This blog is my Web 2.0 experiment (I wrote that in 2008 and apparently it’s still true). One day, it will be my online portfolio. All stories were reported and written by me, and I took all the photos unless otherwise credited. Email me: byjanetfang at gmail dot com

Image: Jacoba Charles


9 Responses to “Janet Fang”

  1. Hi Janet, I just read the LDEO article on Global Geodynamics and Earthquake forcasting. Would you or Lerner Lam be the right person to possibly ask about giving a guest lecture in theme with the article and pictures you wrote about. My program is called the Weston Science Scholars program, and I am asking various scientists from around our area to come speak to the students.

  2. Like your wide scope of interest and writing skills

  3. Hi Janet, my name is Bruce Hill, I’m a reporter with Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program, based in Melbourne Australia. I read your article “A World Without Mosquitoes” in Nature, and was very interested in it. Mosquitoes and malaria are subjects which resonate with our listeners in the Pacific, and I’d like to do a phone interview with you about the article, the concept of wiping out mosquitoes altogether and the reation to the article, some of which seems pretty strongly againt. I can be contacted at pacificjournalist@gmail.com and my phone on +61 3 9626-1936.

  4. I LOVED the mosquito article. Love! Such a great sense of possibility and fun — scientists are so so so bad at that stuff.

    Really fantastic.

    Reilly Capps
    A fan

  5. Will you be posting any of your SmartPlanet articles here? Just ran across a couple and they are great articles.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hello Janet,
    I have “A World without mosquitoes” on the website for the journal Nature and I was really intrigued. As an assignment for my ecology class, I am to write an official response to Nature. Would you be able to assist me in telling me how to perform that? Thank you.

    Tom Stanislawski

  7. Dear Janet Fang,

    I read your article regarding the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease using helminths. Have you written any other articles exploring the symbiotic role of natural organisms in humans?

  8. Oh my goodness. My name is Janet Fang too

  9. Hi Janet

    I found your piece on a world without mosquitoes very useful. You are invited to visit my project that I entered in the Dell Social Innovation Challenge at http://www.dellchallenge.org/projects/duckweed-green-solution.

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